Ensemble Super Moderne

  • Sax Tenor and Soprano
    José Pedro Coelho 
  • Sax High
    José Soares
  • Sax Barítono and Clar. Low
    Rui Teixeira
  • Trombone
    Paulo Perfeitoe
  • Guitar
    Luis Eurico Costa
  • Piano
    Carlos Azevedo
  • Double Bass
    Miguel Ângelo
  • Drum
    Mário Costa

Oct. 06 friday – 21h30

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  • Gender


With solid and accomplished musical paths, eight musicians come together to explore different ways of narrate, improvise and interact musically.  With a strong compositional component that can bring together as many good influences as possible, Ensemble Super Moderne stands out for having not one sound but several.

The ensemble brings together some of the most interesting values of the new generation of Portuguese jazz: José Pedro Coelho (tenor saxophone, soprano and clarinet), Rui Teixeira (baritone saxophone, bass clarinet), José Soares (alto saxophone), Paulo Perfeito (trombone) Eurico Costa (guitar), Carlos Azevedo (piano and synthesizers), Miguel Ângelo (bass and electric bass) and Mário Costa (drums).

Daniel Carvalho says that “It is not easy to put this group in a particular drawer, easily escape the labels given the diverse influences and styles.  Yet perhaps it can confirm that this jazz is modern. Or even super modern.” and José Carlos Fernandes wrote in TimeOut – Porto magazine that “ESM has marked identity, sound itself and even when calls disparate references, not incur the arbitrariness and the typical self-indulgence very postmodern project”.

On the other hand, Leonel Santos in his JazzLogical website considers that “It is a creative Jazz, generous, exciting, without prejudice to himself, but which are not accepted as ethnic curiosity, that will not stand for the ´lets go, everybody to the stage and then we see what will happen´ and takes risks beyond its borders.” and Rui Eduardo Paes in his review of the ensemble’s album at jazz.pt website wrote “… a ´supermodern´ jazz, in fact, in the sense of what contemporary philosophy will call meta-modern or pseudo-modern.  A jazz that retrieves different formats… “

The Ensemble Super Moderne debut album was nominated the 2014 Best Portuguese Jazz Album (A JazzLogical website initiative).