Baptiste Trotignon & Minimo Garay Duo

  • Piano
    Baptiste Trotignon
  • Percussions
    Minimo Garay

Oct. 04 wednesday – 23h30

  • Origin
    France / Argentina
  • Gender


Baptiste Trotignon studied piano and classical music since the age of six and discovered jazz and improvisation as a teenager. His first two trio albums in the early 2000’s (followed by two solo piano albums which both received major public and critical acclaim) brought him to people’s attention as one of the most spectacular, complete and charming member of a new generation of pianists, and brought him to perform at many major French or international venues.

He won many awards: Prix Django Reinhardt, Best French Newcomer at 2003 Victoires du Jazz, as well as the Grand Prix at the 2002 Martial Solal International Piano Competition.

Over the years that followed he developed a number of eclectic encounters, performing alongside with artists like Tom Harrell, Stefano Di Battista, Aldo Romano or Brad Mehldau.  Baptiste’s first “American” album, “Share”, recorded in New York in 2008, was a hit and followed by a highly charged live album recorded in London.

After he received in 2011 the Sacem’s Grand Prix (Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music) for his work as a composer, he released in 2012 a stunningly bold album, “Song Song Song”, on which he celebrated his love of the vocalist’s art and invited a prestigious group of artists including Melody Gardot or the author Christophe Miossec. He was also named Composer of the Year at the 2014 Victoires de la Musique Classique for his first major orchestral piece “Different Spaces” (Piano Concerto commissioned by the Orchestre National de Bordeaux) .

After a ballad album recorded with Mark Turner, the 40-year-old musician “Le Monde” has described as “a lesson, a model, perfection from A to Z” continues to play a resolutely open-minded and imaginative music by returning to the trio format in 2014 with “Hit”, inviting drummer Jeff Ballard.

In 2016, he signs with the prestigious label SonyMusic – Okeh Records, and the album “Chimichurri”, duet with Argentinian percussionist Minino Garay, is the first fruit of this new collaboration.

March 16th 2017 Baptiste received the “Grand Prix Lycéen des Compositeurs” , a beautiful annual award of french contemporary music !